Examples of Life Purpose Statements

Here is a sampling of life purpose statements that I have either found or helped my clients create.  Hope it inspires you to find your purpose in life.

My mission is to create, nurture, and maintain an environment of growth, challenge, and unlimited potential for all those around me.

My life purpose is to energize, connect, and inspire purpose in others. ~ Kim

My mission is to enliven, encourage, and reinspire the love of music for children in public schools.

My purpose in life is to be a mom: to empower independence, self-reliance and confidence in others through being a positive, supportive role model. ~ SL

My life purpose is to live and mentor an authentic, adventurous, spiritual life, while being a catalyst for positive change. ~ Mikel

With friendship and affection, I will interact with others to improve my home life and obtain pleasure and recognition. ~ Jeff

My purpose in life is to grow continually and use my wisdom to help others grow through teaching and encouraging them while making a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them. ~ TO

My purpose in life is to rejuvinate the soul, learn about God, love, life, happiness & hope.  Unleashing the God-given beauty, strength & vibrance within others through the love in my heart; creating happiness, caring for others, while resting in God’s arms. ~ Michelle

My purpose in life is to serve others in a balanced and flexible manner in areas of health in such a manner that I get feedback on improvement. ~ Ron

To be a positive role model & help people. ~ Rhonda


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I am the owner of Complete Success, Inc. As a business coach, trainer & speaker, I love to help people find their way in business and in life. Join me on our journey!

9 thoughts on “Examples of Life Purpose Statements

  1. Thank you for tthis article. I am currently working on a life purpose article covering common questions that I plan on posting next week. So I have been studying books, blogs, videos, and talking to people trying to answer as much questions ask I can. This is article you have written is helpful for people who thinks there purpose is small when being a mom is not.


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